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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bye-Bye My World..

Tomorrow, i'll move on to the new place.. everything is new to me.. Their lifestyles.. Their environments.. And even their foods.. I still cant accept that.. It's so hard for me to bring myself to the new world.. New friends.. I love my old place.. My friends r in this world.. My heart.. My soul.. My ehem3 (ape ehem3? sakit tekak ke??)... My everything..Hurm...

As he said before, we still have a chance to meet.. But when i keep thinking on it, i ask myself.. When will we meet? we have our own way..our own study..our own life.. and My another friend had challenged me to tell him about my feelings...but still, as i said before, i have no strenght to tell him.. If i have so, of course, why should i suffer like this.. That feeling will kill me slowly.. Time by time..grrrr...

Whatever it is (i try to forget him for a while..[if i can do so..hehe..]..) To my old place, should i say gudbye to u? I dont think so.. Because i love u.. and of course how far i'll go, how long i'll disappear, i'll back to u finally..Hehe... And to my new place, please welcome me with ur warm-hearted so that i can accept ur new lifestyle, environment & foods tooo... And maybe my new boyfriend???? NO WAYY!!!!! :p

- I LOVE U...That's all i really know...-


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